Assembling Your Frame

 How to put together your Tuft Love Tufting Frame from the Starter Kit. We offer the absolute best cut pile and loop pile machines available. 

This video will cover how to put together your frame! You will need the tool kit we have included. 

If you are having any trouble with assembling your kit feel free to reach out to or give us a call at 888-883-8001

For the assembly you will be using the included T20 tool head

Step 1: Lay out frame as shown below (Base A on the bottom, Side B on the left, Side C on top, Side D on the right)

Step 2: Use the tool to screw in the 8 longer screws to attach the pieces together. We like to screw them through the first piece of wood, then guide it towards the second piece using our marked pilot holes.

Step 3: Use the tool head to attach the yarn guide with the 2 shorter screws as shown. Ensure that the loops are facing down

Step 4: We will now attach the carpet tacking strips. They are labeled to the corresponding sides. Make sure that the spikes are facing outwards, away from the boards. Base A has two strips. Strike the nails in with a hammer (not the little spikes). Congrats on your new Tuft Love Tufting Frame!