Scissor Closing Adjustment The Spider

This video is about scissor closing adjustments. To start, unplug the machine and lay it down nicely on something soft to protect the on/off switch. You have to do this after a pile height adjustment. Fully extend the scissor position, they should be closed at this point. If they are not, then this is why we do the scissor closing adjustment. It is a little bit of trial and error. Loosen the scissor adjustment bolt and slide it back slightly. Tighten again and then see if your scissors will close at the full extension. If it did not work, move the bolt slightly again. If you move the bolt back too far the machine may not want to rotate so try to move in slight increments! This is the first thing to try if your yarn is not cutting all the way. Your Spider Cut Pile Tufting Gun / Machine comes fully adjusted so no need to make this (or any) adjustment when you receive your machine.