The Spider Oiling and Care

This is a video showing you how to lubricate your Spider Cut Pile or Loop Pile Tufting Machine from Tuft Love.Learn how to take care of your Tuft Love Spider machine so that it maintains it's performance over time. Watch this video for general maintenance for your spider cut-pile. As always, unplug your machine and lay the on/off switch on a gentle surface before working on your machine.  Always make sure to clean the debris off your machine when you use it. For lubrication, apply lubrication on all 4 guide rails and the plastic devices on them (bearing assemblies). Just a drop or two on each of them is enough. Turn the cog by hand to work in the lubrication. Then plug in your machine and pull the trigger a few times to really work it in. We recommend oiling after every 2-4 hours of running time. If your machine is "beeping" when you pull the trigger that is a good indication that your tufting gun / machine is dry and the bars need lubrication. You are trying to eliminate friction on the 4 main rods. I like to put a drop of oil on the scissors as well and then wipe it off.