Tufting Cloth - Industrial Quality Pre Cut Sizes

$20.00 Regular price

Tuft Love proudly offers industrial-quality polyester tufting cloth at a fair price. Priced at around $6 a square yard. 

Cut with our proprietary straight-cut technology. Every cut is perfectly straight every time.  

This fabric is 100% polyester, tear-resistant, and durable, giving your rugs the longest life possible. 300g per meter squared, with guidelines (black). This fabric is extremely forgiving; you can correct mistakes with ease (see the video below) 

Kick your rugs up a notch with industrial tufting cloth for that best-in-class look.

Once you try our fabric, you will not want to use anything else. 


WIDTH: 9 feet (3 yards)

LENGHT PRE CUT: 1,2,3 or 4 yards  

The rug images below are made on Tuft Love 100% polyester Tufting Material. 

We proudly offer a free 12 month warranty. The best WARRANTY in the industry! See warranty page for details.


Tuft Love is a Colorado-based company that provides best-in-class tufting machines. Each tufting gun is hand-made by expert craftsmen with extreme care and precision, then tested by a real tufter before being packaged and shipped to you with love. We take pride in providing the best after-purchase support in the industry! Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries.


Tuft Love employs survivors of gender based violence in South Africa, providing them the stability of a paycheck and the vision of a better future. When you buy a Tuft Love tufting machine or kit you help support that mission!

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