The Daddy Long Legs — High Pile Shaggy Tufting Machine

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The Long Pile (Shaggy) can do Cut Pile and Loop Pile stitching. It takes less than 30 seconds to convert to a loop or cut pile. It comes factory set for cut pile.

  • Boasting a shock-absorbing front grip for hours and hours of comfortable tufting. 

Tuft Love is excited to present the first true innovation in cut pile machines...The Daddy Long Legs Duo. This is the world's first Long Pile Electric Tufting Machine. Perfect for Shaggy Effects and Shaggy High Pile Rugs. Make your rugs pop with "3D." 

We are a Colorado company shipping from Louisville, Colorado. Our machines are handmade in a boutique workshop with love and care. 

The Daddy Long Legs is the first of its kind SHAGGY CUT PILE; it offers impressive depth and textures to your designs. Set your work apart from the rest with our new innovative tufting guns. 

The Daddy Long Legs can be adjusted from .98"-1.7" for pile length.  

6 - 35 stitches per second   

The artwork shown is by David Nott and Richie Soro  


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