Tufting Starter Kit

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If you want a dedicated cut pile and a dedicated loop pile machine, this is the deal for you. 

Get the best of both worlds with two machines in the AMAZING STARTER KIT PACKAGE DEAL. This package deal comes with a Spider Cut Pile (2024 version) and a Recluse Loop Pile Machine (2024 version). We call this the "Real Two in One"!

NO ADJUSTING, JUST TUFTING! Order today, and it will ship today.  

Tufting Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Spider Cut Pile Machine (The new 2024  Golden Spider) Boasting a shock-absorbing front grip for hours and hours of comfortable tufting. 

  • 1x Loop Pile Machine (the new 2024 version) Boasting a shock-absorbing front grip for hours and hours of comfortable tufting. 

  • 1 x adapter
  • 1 x Spare Parts Kit

  • 1 x Yarn Threader (may vary in color and style from pictured)

  • 1 x Tabletop Tufting Frame 32 inches x 34 inches  (see specs page)

  • 2 x C-clamps to attach the frame to a table 

  • 1 x Printed Manual

  • A generous 3 square yards of primary tufting fabric - (12ct/inch 300g / yard) This is 100% polyester, the absolute best material you can tuft with. It covers your frame three times! 

  • * Yarn not included  

  • The rug images below are made with a Spider Cut Pile Tufting Machine.

The Tuft Love Cut Pile Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start tufting at a fantastic price. Our best-in-class machine will give you the confidence and the peace of mind to start your first project and quickly become an expert. With so many inferior tufting machines on the market, don't risk getting stuck with a poor-quality tufting gun. Tuft Love is known for its one-of-a-kind customer service, support, and state-of-the-art tufting guns. We are a local company based in Colorado. Stop by our store to say hello. Or sign up for a Tufting Class. We are so confident we produce the best machine you can buy we offer you a full 12-month warranty at no cost to you. Call us at 888-883-8001. You will get a Tuft Love employee on the phone or an immediate call back. Email me personally at I am here to support you in your tufting experience. 

Tufting Frame Specs

This sturdy frame built with 2" x 3" pieces of wood is a great starter tabletop frame. The frame is 4 feet long on the base (where you clamp to the table) and the internal dimensions of the frame are 31" W x 29" H. The frame has 2-yard guide eyelets installed. 

***The frame requires light assembling you will need to screw the screws into the pilot holes with the tool provided. The frame comes with 2" x 3" clamps for attaching to the table and a tool kit.

Clamps are metal so be aware when clamping to the table.

REQUIRED to assemble: hammer ( to install carpet tack strips)

 ***Please see our "Quick Start Guide" Video Tutorials for easy assembly instructions.***

Our Warranty

Providing quality to our customers are our number 1 priority. That’s why we offer the best and longest warranty coverage in the industry.

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